Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our First Day Back

After sleeping off some jet lag yesterday, we went and visited some of Gisi's freinds last night. We had a nice dinner at a local kneipe (pub), some inexpensive, home cooked local food. As we ate, many of Gisi's freinds came by to welcome her back and congratulate us on our wedding. It was a very nice way to start off our stay here.
Today we went to take care of some legal stuff, name change, address change, re-register the car...Gisi is officially Mrs. Vella here in Germany (and the US). She now needs to get a new passport too. The car battery had died, so we got a jump from her friend Klaus this afternoon, then went for a ride on the Autobahn to recharge it, as the sun was setting. The weather here is so nice. Warm, 80's during the days, and dropping into the 60's at night.
Tomorrow we have to go see the movers-shippers, and find out about sending some stuff back to the states. After that we need to get boxes and start packing up things..thats always fun! Hopefully we can get to the market at the M├╝nsterplatz for some fresh vegtebles and fruits. And then we have to drive to France, Alsace is only 30 mins away..we are low on mustard. I love this place.
Of course I took some photos today...right here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Der Vaterland!

Heading back to Freiburg tonight. We are very excited to be going back...I'll tell you all about it and the past 6 months in the coming days.